Terms and Conditions

    Canada Relink Call2Talk owns this site and all of its content and is operated from within. Canada Relink Call2Talk (“we”, “us”, “our”) provides its services to You (“customer”, “end user”, “client”). Canada Relink Call2Talk is a prepaid service therefore all loaded calls, monthly fees, and any activation fees are prepaid. By signing up with Canada Relink Call2Talk services, you agree to all terms and conditions. Any violation of these terms and conditions can result in termination of your services. Canada Relink Call2Talk reserves the right to change any term or condition without further notice. Please read the following terms and conditions.

    1.     Service

    1.1  Communication between Canada Relink Call2Talk and customer

    1.1.1          By Phone

    When you call Canada Relink Call2Talk, you are giving us consent to speak with you over the phone. We are also permitted to leave voicemail. All Canada Relink Call2Talk calls are recorded and monitored. Any obscene language used will result in the termination of the call.

    1.1.2          By Email

    When you communicate through email, you are consenting Canada Relink Call2Talk to communicate with you through email. We can email you information and/or limit any or all information at our  or your request.

    1.2            Service Conditions

    1.2.1          This service is intended for the use of the inmate to call you via collect call. The number assigned to you can only be used between you and the inmate. No one outside the inmate and end user is authorized to use the number given.

    1.2.2          Service Violations
    If this service is subjected to any sort of abuse, Canada Relink Call2Talk reserves the right to terminate your services without notice. All past due balances must be paid even with the result of termination.  Canada Relink Call2Talk is a legal service and we comply with all security and government regulations.

    1.2.3          Cell Phones
    You can accept the collect call on your cell phone. We are not responsible for any air time charges or any extra charges from your cell phone provider.

    1.3       Payments
    We accept all methods of payments.

    1.3.1          Credit Card Transactions
    We require your verbal consent whenever you want your card charged by Call2Talk. If you would like the preauthorize option, you will have to fax Canada Relink Call2Talk a written consent that you authorize us to charge your card on the first of every month.  If you pay online, that is considered a written consent to charge your credit card.

    1.3.2          Past Due balances
    Our billing is always on the first if every month. All Past due balances must be paid off before reaching the next billing cycle. If you miss 1 and a half cycles, then your services will be up for termination without further notice. You will be notified when you have a past due balance.

    1.3.3          Extensions
    If you require an extension for your bill payment, you will be required to follow our payment structure. You are required to pay a partial payment on your due date, and any remaining balances are to be paid off by the 20th, before the start of the next billing cycle.

    1.4  Refunds

    1.4.1          Cancellations
    We require 30 days notice if you will not be needing the service anymore. If less than 30 days notice is given, you will not be eligible for any refund.

    1.4.2          Transfers
    If you require your services to be transferred to a different facility, any balance on your account will carry over with your billing cycle. You will not be required to pay an activation fee.

    1.4.3          Termination
    We reserve the right to terminate your services if no payment has been received for your billing. If your services have been terminated for this reason, you will not eligible for any refund.

    1.4.4          Changes to Services
    Once a payment is made and your order is confirmed, if there are any changes such as the inmate being released, etc, and this results in you not needing Canada Relink Call2Talk services any more, no refund will be remitted. There are no refunds permitted for any circumstance.
    If you are on Plan A and would like to change to Plan B or Plan C, no refund will be given for the monthly charge.

    1.4.5          Connection and Long Distance Charges
    The customer agrees and understands that all dropped calls, lost calls, 3 way disconnected calls, Security cut off calls, wrong numbers dialled which include more or less( Surveys, Telemarketers, agents, collection agencies, sales, marketers of all sorts under 1 minute no charge over 1 minute charges will apply. The customer fully agrees once the first (1st) payment is made and by accepting the first (1st) call, the Customer acknowledges, accepts and agrees that they have read and understood the full rules, regulation and conditions fully. Calls will not be credited or refunded back by Canada Relink or the Charging provider. The Customer also agrees that any calls made outside the approved facility will result in long distance charges which are not included in the plan. All calls are to be made from the approved facility only.


    Bank Fees and Credit Card Transaction Fees

    Canada Relink Call2talk does not charge any additional service fees over and above what the Credit card company and Bank charges. Please note Bank fees can be different depending on what bank you deal with and are not included in the following (monthly packages, Call loads, per call rate, per minute rate)  or any other services Canada Relink Call2talk offers. All Bank and Credit card fees are additional and subject to taxes.  General bank fees range from $2.00 per transaction plus and taxes ( Depending on the province the Bank is in)  Credit card fees are based on the credit card company and the agreed contract, Please speak with a Canada Relink Cakl2talk representative for exact rates on the credit card you are using. Canada Relink Call2talk has no control over any fess or transaction fees associated with any payment made with banks or credit card companies.  

    By making your first (1st payment and accepting the first (1st call) that means you have read the full policy and agree with the terms and conditions outlined in our terms and policy page. 

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